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Welcome to U.S. Vending Management
The Experts in Cashless / Mobile Payments

With over 30 years of experience, U.S. Vending Management has gained valuable knowledge in all facets of the vending industry. Under the leadership of industry veteran Chuck Treister, U.S. Vending Management has the resources and relationships to assemble a team that can address any of the client's issues.

We are the industry's foremost authority on unattended retail.

  • Advising on sales and marketing programs
  • - Program Strategy & Tactics
  • Manufacturer's Representation
  • Refreshment Program RFP Structure
  • Refreshment Program Management
  • - Traditional Full Line Vending
    - Manual Food and Coffee Service Programs
    - Micro Market Specialists

  • Advising on Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Expert Witness
  • Automated Dispensing
  • Industrial Vending
  • Inventory Control
  • Access Control
  • Automated Retailing
  • Facilitating relationships
  • - Domestic
    - International

The mission of U.S. Vending Management is to help the client increase their bottom line, while adapting to changing business challenges, and there is no charge for the initial consultation.

National Vending Program Management

U.S. Vending Management manages vending programs for clients ranging from Volkswagen of America, 3M, Sony Ericsson, and HP. Services include product and pricing recommendations, equipment selection, day to day program management and partner selection.

U.S. Vending Management partners with Southern Food Management Service to provide the client with a comprehensive dining, catering, and vending program.

U.S. Vending Management also has a strong parntership with Royal Cup Coffee. Royal Cup Coffee has been in operation since 1896 and continues today as a privately held, family owned and managed company. Royal Cup also operates one of the nation's most extensive Food Service and Office Coffee route delivery systems. From bean to cup, Royal Cup manages the complete production & delivery process. The office coffee group specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining remarkable office break room programs on a local and national level
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VendSys has set a new standard for vending management systems. We've built a better model from the ground-up, with software, handhelds, remote monitoring, and cashless transactions in a single unit. This affordable, Internet-based solution finally brings the benefits of breakthrough vending technology to operators of any size.       

Parlevel is a full-featured VMS solution that delivers real-time visibility into your vending and office coffee service operations. From warehouse to field, you’ll have access to detailed data and analytics that provide a 360 degree view of your business. Information that you can use to revolutionize your operations through powerful features like pre-kitting and intelligent route optimization. Parlevel works seamlessly with the latest generation of vending machines and can be used to retrofit older generation machines, delivering 100% coverage across your entire operation.

Vagabond, a cloud-based mobile software, allows vending operators to manage their operations with the touch of a button.  Track sales in real time and view the current fill status of each machine at any point in time.  Vagabond displays exactly how much of each product is needed to pack/fill a machine; manages inventory; provides the precise amount of each product sold from machines; and calculates the gross profit from the operation.


All the convenience... All the time...     Refresh Markets is an automated self checkout system and a sophisticated Micro-Market solution.
Tired of paying high royalties? Tired of sharing your profits?    Our micro-markets are fast, economical and scalable. They provide all of the features an operator needs to effectively manage a micro-market. Why not convert your high commission, high royalty markets, to a low cost Refresh Market today! Call for more information: Chuck Treister, NCE5 714-524-2485




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